Replacing Car Keys

Replacing Car Keys

Like any other key, car keys are part of us. If you have to run to the mall to pick something up or in the morning when you’re trying to get to work or school when you don’t find your car keys your whole morning turns ugly. Likewise, when you have your car key but it doesn’t work that’s when you’ll be running late and tempers would flare. But replacing car keys have become much easier albeit a little expensive, but fear not, it’s not for all.

If you are using an older car key, the best backup plan you can have is to write down your car’s VIN number. So where can you find this VIN number? In most cars it is located on the dashboard of the driver’s side and visible through the window if not then look for it on the rear wheel or even the front of the engine block. VIN numbers can also be found in the door jam or trunk and on the frame of the car. If all else fails, you can find your VIN number on your car insurance information. Next write down the year, make and model of your car to find the specific kind of key you will need. Now you can call an auto locksmith who would be able to give you a new key and the best deal for it. You can even look for keys online if you have the patience and time and luck may strike you and you can get one off for cheap.

Now if you’re using a new electronic car first check your insurance to see if car key replacement is covered by it. Some cars specify that the locks can only be replaced by the manufacturer that is if your car is very modern or high end. In this case take the warranty card of your car along in case you are handed a discount. Next visit the locksmith again for some kind of a premium solution. This is a complicated process. Or you can go online and look for aftermarket replacement keys. Then you would have to program your new key to your car.

If your car key is malfunctioning sometimes it could be because of the weather for example extreme heat. So wait for some time before you spend your money to replace it. Maybe due an electrical systems repair it is malfunctioning in which case you can refer the manual and reset all the keys.

Check for battery life as this could also be a reason for the key to malfunction.

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